Panchalogam statue

Panchalogam statue making process in lost wax method below

The nucleus will be created in wax, just like the idol that you want to make first. There is a separate wax for this purpose. This wax is a type of wax that melts and flows through a tree. This is called palakkad wax. An equal amount of saffron is mixed in this wax and melted and a statue is made of the required amount of wax. They take the silt lying on the banks of the Cauvery and apply it on the wax statue and cast it. A small hole is placed at the bottom of the casting. Once the soil has dried, it is heated in the oven and the wax is removed. In this hollow cast, well-melted gold is poured through the hole in the casting, and a day later the soil is knocked down and broken and the metal statue inside is removed. This idol is rubbed with aram, combed with a chisel, and then worked as nakasu. After everything is done, the eye is opened to the Panchalogam statue

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