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Thamiram Crafts was founded to strengthen the cultural and religious roots of our diverse community. Artisanal handicrafts have been unable to compete with modern technology and westernization. We’ve lost several niche art forms to the cataclysms of history. I want to make sure that these surreal works of art survive to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs, just like they inspired me.

Thamiram Crafts, the one stop shop for all unique handcrafted Brass Diyas, Gopura Kalasam, Deity Jewels and Panchaloha Idols

Both Diyas and Idols are hand-crafted by the finest artist from Swamimalai, South-India in traditional methods like Madhuchista vidhana (a.k.a lost wax method).

Thamiram Crafts

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Excellent, Beautiful craftsmanship, the quality is so good. This fit on top of my Mandir perfectly. Fast postal, packing was superb. Excellent communication. THANK YOU
Gary Hofacker
Panchalogam vinayagar

Lost Wax Method

the Panchaloha idols making process starts with the idols images first modeled in beeswax in all details, then coating of fine damp clay pressed tight around the model. Holes and opening are left to pour hot molten metal, when poured wax melts and the model turns as harden metal, the clay covering has to break open, and the Panchaloha metal image is revealed. Then with little chiseling and polishing the bronze is completely crafted.

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