6 inch Panchaloga Vinayagar | Panchaloha Ganesh | impon statue | Ganesha Statue


6 inch Panchaloga Vinayagar

Measurements- single piece

Height -6 inches

Width- 4.5 inches

Depth -2.5 inches

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Measurements- single piece

Height -6 inches

Width- 4.5 inches

Depth -2.5 inches

Endowed with child-like innocence, mischief in eyes and carefree disposition the cool, soft and benign elephant-headed Ganesha is invoked primarily for removing obstacles and assuring a detriment-free beginning.

In the canons of Indian Sculpture, unanimity prevails in regard to the broad appearance of Ganesha. He has an elephant head with a single tusk and twisted trunk, usually turned to left but sometimes to right, planted over a human torso. Ganapati’s head is often conceived with winnowing basket-like large ears and small drowsing eyes. His belly is protruding like a pot and the whole figure has a plumpish look. Though endowed with a huge body – ‘mahakaya’, great magnificence and brilliance of millions of suns, he has a figure with moderate height, not claiming any kind of robustness. On the contrary, however huge Ganesha’s figure is, he reveals a child-like tenderness.

Where should we keep Ganesh statues at home?

The essential three components of a peaceful life are well-being, happiness, and good health, which can be manifested by having a Lord Ganesha statue, that radiates these energies.

Lord Ganesha is one of the most loved Hindu deities and is revered at the start of all good deeds and ceremonies. However, many homeowners, on the other hand, neglect the tradition of arranging it in the proper location. The proper placement of a statue draws joy, prosperity, good health, success and eliminates all impediments.

The energy in your home will immediately shift if you place a Ganesh statue in the northeast, north, or west directions. To keep negative energy out of your home, place the Ganesh statue in the living room as it will stand guard over negative energy entering your home. The most crucial location is on your study table; he is the God of Intelligence and will assist you in concentrating better. However, under no circumstances should it be near a bedroom, washroom, toilet or against a wall attached to it.

The Panchaloha or Panchalogam is traditionally described as an alloy of gold, silver, copper, zinc and iron as the major constituents.

It is widely believed that Panchaloga idols or statues made of such an alloy brings balance in life, self-confidence, good health, fortune, prosperity, and peace of mind

Bring home the stunningly good looking traditional Bronze Ganesh or Panchaloha Ganesha.

This religious bronze Ganesh idol is a perfect gift for a marriage or anniversary or housewarming occasions.


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